Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebration Time

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Chris is a wonderful, hilarious, joyous addition to my life. I'm so thankful that a little over seven (7?!) years ago he motioned to the open seat beside me on a train in Boston and after he sat down I turned to him and said "you're on my team, aren't you?" What an opening line to what has been the best team I've ever been on.

Here's a small throwback to New Years (which I have still to blog about...I'm getting bad at this game) I love that we are going to spend the next 2,871,940,731 New Years' together along with all the birthdays, Christmases, first summer days, soccer games, road trips, occasional sunrises, winter nights, 5k races (where you'll beat me), 10k races (where I'll beat you), family vacations, cabin weekends, autumn sunsets, plane trips, train get the picture...

To my favorite person, best friend, only love; my husband: thank you for being on my team. I love you today and every day, happy birthday!

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