Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Girls Day

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching my two nieces on a Friday. It was all tea cups and dress up (in a Captain America outfit...) and attempts at naps. It reminded me of my nanny days in the best way because these girls are the greatest.


 Chris asked me to send him pictures all day because we're still trying to get our fill of these kids. 
We missed them so much while we were away!

"Take a pitcha of me with my toys"
"Ooo, oo me too!"
I like to call this next picture "'Nap' Time"
And this last one little B gives her predictions on K actually taking a nap.

A year and a half away didn't affect most of our relationships with family and friends. Things changed in all our lives but in that slow glacial way that starts happening in the stage after college when you're still figuring being a grown up out. Where we did notice a change was in these kids! Since we left, B started kindergarten and moved from tigers to superheros, K started talking and discovered a personality all her own, and the happiest little baby B was born! I'm so happy to be back in their lives; a year and a half changed them all so much! Here's to catching up and here's to a colorful, sunny girl's day in dreary February!

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