Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Running in Providence, Rhode Island (USA!)

Our trip to Providence started off with a night cap at a local teeny bar with a very elegant flair. But more on that later. The next morning, bright and early, I set off for a solo run through the streets of Providence.

The streets were almost clear which was such a break from the endless winter we've been experiencing up here in Western New York. I loved the little details of Matt's neighborhood and then the quick change after crossing the highway to the grand scale of a skyscraper city.

Another major change to the more historic part of town after a trip across the river. I loved these streets. 

I showed this picture to Chris after my run and almost had him fooled until he saw the poorly chosen colored word of Cocoa. Mmmm Belgian hot cocoa. I keep finding little things I miss from Europe and one that definitely keeps popping into my head is the fact that I could order a hot chocolate with whipped cream anywhere. Literally every country, every city, every lunch, every dinner, and every bar...I could always order my hot chocolate and never get a weird look in response. I miss those days.


When I wake up in the morning earlier than the rest of my little corner of the world (Chris) it's usually really hard to get out the door and run. Last week was especially hard for my Sunday morning long run when it was still below 30* and the sun hadn't come up because my body still felt like it was 5:30 instead of the daylight savings 6:30 that it was... Side note: the comradery of the 6am runners is especially present on daylight savings "spring-ahead" day. I cherished each wave and head nod that I got. When the sun is shining on a day like this one though...it makes it a little bit easier to win the battle of wills that goes on in my brain at the start of every morning run. 

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  1. southernillinoisepoxy and his group did a terrific task. Spoke back all my questions, group turned into there as promised, and worked over the weekend to complete because of rain delays.


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