Thursday, September 25, 2014


Red Rocks! Welcome to the entire reason for our visit to Colorado. After our visit though, we'd come back for this place and much more and hopefully for longer. This was our first chance to head west in the US together, I believe, ever? Yes, ever. I loved it. It was just the sunshine we needed. 

Can you see Denver there in the background? What a beautiful view, I will never go to a better concert venue. IF there is one, please tell me, we'll hurry our way on out there! We took one trip to Denver within our time in Colorado and weren't as impressed with it as with Boulder but more on that later.

Behind the stage and stairs were multiple trails and though Chris and I really didn't plan to do any hiking that day, we found the shortest trail and took to it. We ended up hiking all day that day...whoops! But look how beautiful! I have a few friends who live in Colorado and I couldn't help but imagine Chris and I having these trails in our backyard. I don't honestly want to leave Rochester, we're definitely not moving any time soon, but how amazing to have sun ninety percent of the year and these trails to explore during those days??

More on Red Rocks and the concert we went to soon!

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  1. Kelly you are a ridiculously good photographer!! For serious. Nice to see you posting again!!! This looked like a beautiful trip :)


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