Friday, October 24, 2014

Sunset over Boulder

Our last night in Colorado (our second night in all hah!) we realized that we didn't have to hike up a mountain to get to the top. We could drive! So we went off in search of a nice restaurant, leaving enough time to get to the top for a sunset view we couldn't get in the valley of Boulder. We somehow ended up in Chipotle for our fancy meal, (and by somehow I mean we saw it, wavered for .32 seconds and then I made an immediate U-turn to get back to it), but neither of us were complaining. I still can't get enough of it since being in the back home. On the drive up the mountain Chris captured a few shots of the scenery, look at all those trees!

This was breathtaking.

One last parting shot. Beauty. Living near mountains might be an amazing adventure someday.


  1. Wow so beautiful!! Dave always makes fun of me because whenever we're in a mountainous area apparently I just keep repeating "Wow MOUNTAINS!! Look at the MOUNTAINS!!!" I love mountains.


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