Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To the Mountains!

A lot of these photos are going to look similar and that's because no matter where we went on this particular hike, the mountains never seemed to get any closer or change in size. Though they remained ever elusive to us that day, I kept taking pictures of them, hoping to get closer around each bend of the trail. 

Isn't that tree amazing? Apparently there was some major flooding in the Boulder area in the last winter/spring and you can see some of the effects of that on the tree to the left. All the debris wrapped itself around the trunk, but attempts to take it down the stream with them were thwarted.

See the tiny human? It's Chris! 

After our hike we headed out to get a lunch up in the mountains. When we came over the rise in the road it took a second for our eyes to adjust but then we saw that the scene in front of us wasn't just a continuation of clouds to the blue horizon but white capped mountains! Loved this stretch of road. I wanted to just keep on driving along it.

Where we ended up was pretty grand itself. And this lovely truck awaited us across the road. We went to the Sundance Cafe and ended up with a great meal! We had pretty much great food wherever we went. Not organic, grass-fed, whatever-you-call it type food but good, American, diner-type food which I love.

Hot cocoa everywhere I go. 

I love this shot that Chris got through the car window. He's a budding photographer (much to his dismay since this shot came after me going "take the picture! take the picture! Now! Quick! Oh man. I think you missed it. Did you?" ...he may sometimes have a difficult time on vacations with me...

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