Wednesday, November 12, 2014

July 4, 2014, New York City

America! I love America. I also love New York. Possibly as much as Paris. I'm not sure yet. I need a few more visits to be positive. I definitely enjoyed getting around easier with the English signs everywhere we went. That was nice. But on to some New York. First, a little Central Park on the way to the Met:

The Metropolitan Museum seemed like a good place to start since the entrance fee is negotiable and we are definitely into "close-to-free" if not, entirely free so in we went. We were hit smack dab in the face with patriotic works of art.

The day was a very rainy one, I was worried about the fireworks that night, but in the meantime we kept ducking into museums to hide from the downpours. I didn't think that I was interested in the Museum of Modern Art until we looked up major works in it while we ducked into their lobby to decide (yes, Art History at Roberts failed me, or rather, I didn't internalize the insane amount of flash cards I made and studied for three years...ugh). As soon as I read the words "Starry Night" my mind was set on getting in. We immediately bough tickets and walked up the steps, bound for Van Gogh. 


Fitting, and I didn't even realize that this was the chapstick I brought.

Arriving at the firework viewing location, we found it was already packed. We ended up standing for about three hours by the time the fireworks were over. Honestly though, it was worth it. What a production! I'm glad we stood where we did, the view was great and it was easy to get to and from it. Oh! I almost forgot, it may not really be of interest to the masses but this story is not something I want to forget in the long term, which is a huge problem of mine. Story! Here we go. 

Because of all the rain, Chris and I both had umbrellas on us. Chris had his trusty navy umbrella that followed us all through Europe and I had the cute frilly floral monstrosity that I got in the UK. Luckily mine was small enough to hide tuck into my purse because when we got to the entrance to the viewing area for the fireworks we found policemen taking all umbrellas and storing them in big cardboard boxes. I suppose they have to maximize the viewing opportunities but I saw Chris' face when he had to drop our travel-weary umbrella into that box and I knew I would look for it on the way out (their suggestion when we asked about getting it back). On the way out of the area, heading for the subway, we moved like cattle with the masses and then I saw people ducking to the side and crouching down and realized they'd found the umbrella pile. I even saw several women hustling quickly away holding several small umbrellas (obviously not all their own). I dove in. Moments later my eye caught a broken string, would into a tiny loop in an attempt at usefulness. Like a viper going in for the kill, my hand cut through the other reaching arms and grabbed it up. Umbrella recovered! Chris never smiled so big.

Six seconds of waterfall fireworks is all I got. But it's worth it isn't it! 

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