Monday, November 17, 2014

July 5, 2014 (a lesser known happy day)

One of the main things I wanted to do in New York this time around was wander through Brooklyn. I had specific suggestions from friends and strangers I admire alike and many of them would be found across the East River from Manhattan. Ready for some views from the Brooklyn Bridge? Too bad if you're not! 

As soon as we found our way from Newark to NYC we walked across the bridge, heading for the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This was the park where I hoped to watch the fireworks the day before but discovered we would have had to camp out there all day to even get a chance to watch from there. When we walked along it we saw all the happy remnants of the previous days occupants strewn everywhere. 

We walked along, hoping to chance on some street vendors for breakfast but with no such luck we began the trek into Brooklyn Heights to scrounge up what would now have to be brunch. That's when we found Clark's. Yum. Brooklyn Heights is awesome. I would definitely live there. Probably couldn't afford it but it would be nice. 

This next set of photos is from a shop I've wanted to visit for over three and a half years. Catbird, I love thee. I didn't buy anything this time but their style is something I would love to own and be able to just have on the next street over in case I was so inclined (and had several extra dollars to spare (or a hundred...ha)).

Next stop, the free Staten Island Ferry for a far-away tour of the Statue of Liberty and a panoramic view of the city:

That's it for New York, folks. Last tip: try out Hamburgao in Newark if you're ever there. Seriously, hands down my favorite burger ever.  Better than Tom Wahls, better than Bill Gray's, better than Five Guys and even better than, dare I say it, In-N-Out! It's true. It was wonderful. The End. Farewell til next time, NYC.

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