Monday, January 12, 2015

Cape Cod 2014!

A week ago Chris's mom mentioned a place to book for this year's Cape Cod adventure and I realized that I'd better get going on these old posts. We are also about to embark on the first Hanlon family vacation in seven years less than two weeks from now so really, I have to get these out!
Cape Cod this year started with fog and rain and we were worried it would continue this way but as you'll soon see the Sun came to join us pretty quickly and stayed the week.
These three are super energetic. Tickling and hide & seek and using the grown-ups as a living jungle gym are their favorite activities. 
We were happy to let them climb away. And when Brianne refused to wear her sunhat, Grandma modeled how to put it on. The hat went on after that. That little girl will copy everything. Including walking, she did a lot of first steps over and over on that trip!
Lunchtime in the beach house...scary Spiderman selfies and falling asleep at the high chair.
Screaming wash-downs with Papa chasing the sandy ones. 

Our days were filled with blue skies & when the paddle board came into the picture, everyone got on board! Tomorrow, more to come. Yes, really tomorrow!

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