Monday, January 5, 2015

The Best of the Rest of July 2014

This is actually a photo from our drive back from NYC. At my parents cabin the most beautiful sunsets can be found! It's my favorite time of day to be there.
A week later some of the California cousins came to visit! We colored, played the piano and Megan got punched in the face.
 Pete came to visit the office. He loves to lie down on the job.
 We celebrated Grandma's birthday, Mary sent me this photo a few weeks after. 
And Anna's baby shower a few days after that!
Chris' team won the Champion's league under epic skies
and Chris tried to walk away with the trophy...
 so we celebrated with hot chocolate and music afterwards.
 Rochester hosted several outdoor movie nights, this one was accompanied by Poutine food trucks and free ice cream. So of course, Erin, David, Chris and I walked down to enjoy.
David and Chris seem to enjoy posing for pictures in similar ways.
A few days later, the Corn Roast and Clambake festivities were held!

And don't forget the brownie bake off! Dad tried one of each kind as you can see. He then promptly passed out from a sugar overdose. Mom tried to revive him with a water bottle surprise...
A wish to send off into the sky, but I can't tell you what it was or it might not come true.
The following week a bunch of us (friends and family included) ran a race through Canandaigua at twilight with 1200 other people. It ended at a historic mansion in Canandaigua and the night couldn't have been more stunning. During the race, Chris and I ran most of it together and we passed my Dad, Grandma and a few aunts with less than a mile to go, waving all the way. 
This last photo is a treat, the sunset was beautiful at the Sonnenberg Garden Mansion so I tried to capture it with my poor phone camera but alas someone decided to jump through the picture taking and all of a sudden this happened. Still, it's always a treat to see three of Megan! Cape Cod to come, we're catching up! 

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