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I decided to start this little blog to keep me from boredom and simultaneously update the family back home as soon as I knew we were moving to Belgium. In Belgium I have no regular-job or coaching-job or any-type-job for that matter. My plans are simply to paint, run, plan weekend travels, and blog.

Welcome to the revamp of 788! We are back in the country, no more Belgium! I am loving the United States. We are about to embark on travels throughout this glorious country soon enough so I'm looking forward to diving back in to this "journal" of mine. I am going to update the look soon as well.

More than a few of you may be wondering, why "788"? The first place Chris and I lived together was at 788 East Avenue. That apartment was perfect. If you don't believe me, just stop by and ring number 6, I'm sure they'll let you in if you explain the situation (or maybe not).

Feel free to stick around as I post our pictures and my random thoughts, I'll try to keep it entertaining!

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