Welcome to Kelly and Chris' B&B
(please note, the latter "b" is not guaranteed but always attempted!) 

If you're thinking about visiting, this is the first place to check. Check out the months and pick your time to come this way and stay. You're welcome for a few days, a week, a few months, just let us know! Book your tickets and get. over. here. We are going to keep booking trips for ourselves right along so please tell us first if you're coming before you buy tickets, we want to be good hosts!

Best part is, your stay here is free. Worst part is, the airfare is not.

I will update as soon as anything is booked, kind of like airbnb.com. Seriously now, get over here.

Sometime in this last month, we'll be HOME [in the immortal words of Walter Matthau: Wahoooooooooo!]

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